Pune an amazing place to visit

I have been to various cities in India and have stayed there for a quite some time. None of the places I stayed was as comfortable as Pune. It has all the best facilities and infrastructure what are required to make any city an ideal one.


I have many good reasons to say that Pune is a best place to live in or just for a visit. Some of the best reasons are given below:

  • Oxford of East: Pune has different prominent educational institutes like schools, colleges, Medical Colleges, engineering colleges, Universities etc. It is consider as an Oxford of East India.
  • Queen of Deccan: It is consider as Deccan Odyssey. The whole city is covered with lush green greenery. The best time to visit this city and nearby places is during Monsoon.
  • A booming IT hub: Pune is one of the fastest growing IT hubs of east India. In Maharashtra it is one of the metropolitan cities and very soon it will gain the title of 2nd Silicon Valley of India. As IT Industry is growing very fast in Pune, the job opportunities are also growing, which attracts many people to settle down in Pune itself.


  • Small Size: Compare to other metropolitan cities of India, Pune is much small in size. Due to its size many places are easily accessible and there is no problem of transportation in Pune. You can just reach any part of the city in about 1-1.5 hour, which is almost impossible in other metropolitan cities.
  • One of the best are to stay: Balewadi is one of the fastest developing real estate areas of Pune. Due to its location this area has developed very fast as it is situated near Hinjewadi IT Park. It has good infrastructure and other facilities like hotels and mall are situated here in Bale wadi.
  • Something for Everyone: Pune city has something for everybody as no one can disappoint when it’s come to shopping in Pune. You can never get bored in Pune as it has many good and beautiful places to visit in and around the city.

So plan a nice holiday with your family and friend to take the beautiful memories with you and cherish it for life time.


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