Mysore, One of the prime destinations in India

Mysore is the very famous city in the Karnataka which is popular for its historical culture. One can visit the city easily as it is near from Bangalore. It is just 140 km from the electronic city. If you are visiting Bangalore then you should not miss an opportunity to visit this city of palaces.

Mysore has its rich legacy of the royal background. It is the place where people love to go. This city is mainly known for its culture and the warm hearted people.As it is having large number of palaces due to which it is known as the ‘City of Palaces’.

This beautiful city of Mysore has covered a land of 124.84 Sq km, which has pleasant weather through out the year because of which many people all over around the world visit this beautiful place . Mysore has equal number of visitors as that of Taj Mahal .

Main Attractions in Mysore

1)Mysore Palace
3)Karanji lake (Butterfly park)
4)Chamundi Hills
5)Mysore Infosys Campus
6) Tipu Sultan’s Palace

These all the place are the very famous places in the Mysore. as Mysore is important as tourist point of view. one can easily get any type of hotel over there. This video shows the basic information of the hotels in the Mysore.


Budget Hotels in Mysore

Mysore is the very famous city in Karnataka which is about 140 km from the IT city Bangalore. It is located at 770m above the sea level. It is the city which is known for its palaces Especially Mysore Palace. It retains Quaint Charm that never fails to enchant tourists.


Apart From Mysore Palaces there are many other places like, Brindavan Garden, Mysore Zoo, Chamunda Devi temple, Mysore Infosys Campus. This is the district which is the popular Mysore District is a popular tourist destination, offering several attractions ranging from the royal splendor of Mysore City and its fabulous Dasara Festival to exquisite temples, pilgrimage centres and scenic spots.


These all plus points increases the tourism in Mysore that raises the demand of hotels in Mysore. Most of tourist prefers the budget hotels because those are more affordable than the other hotels in Mysore. Here is the list of the some of the Budget hotels in Mysore those are mostly preferable by the tourists.

Name Location Rating Price(INR)
Hotel Gallery View It is about 3 Km away from Mysore Railway Station 3 Star 820
Hotel SK Regency It is at a distance of 5 minutes drive from bus stand and railway station 2 Star 825
Hotel Kalyani It is about 7 km from the city railway station. 3 Star 1,050
Hotel Vyshak Residency It is about 200 meter from Mysore railway Station and 10 km from Mysore airport 2  Star 1,150

Apart from all of these hotels there are many other hotels in Mysore that offers good service in a reasonable range. As the city is quite famous among tourists one can easily get any hotel there.

Mysore , Must Visit Spot in Karnataka


Mysore is the beautiful city which is located in The Southern state Karnataka of India. This renowned city is known for its historical background and royal appearance. The city is renowned for its classic royal palaces due to which it is also entitle as the ‘city of palaces’. It is located at an altitude of 770 m . This beautiful city is also called as the cultural capital of Karnataka.


Mysore has covered an area of 124.84 sq km. It is a very beautiful city . It has beautiful weather through out the year cause of this many of the people from all around the world visit this ‘Sandal wood city’. Mysore attracts many of the tourists equal to the number of tourists visiting the Taj Mahal.


Main Attraction in Mysore

  • Mysore Palace
  • Zoo
  • Brindavan Garden
  • Chamunda Hills
  • Mysore Infosys Campus

All these places are very famous places in Mysore. The journey of Mysore is incomplete without visiting these places.

It attracts the tourist from all over the world. Because of which hotels in Mysore is a prime need. This beautiful city is an outstanding example of the beautiful architecture. As tourism is the backbone of Mysore’s economy you will get hotels in any region of Mysore very easily. As Brindavan Garden is one of the famous place in Mysore and among the favourite tourist places Hotels near Brindavan Garden Mysore are in great demand.


Mysore is also famous as Sandalwood city, all the places in Mysore offers eye catching views , especially the royal Mysore Palace when it is illuminated by lights, which is the reason many people come to visit the Sandalwood city just to explore the beauty of Mysore. Mysore Pak which is the famous dish in Mysore is popular all across the country . It is also home to Infosys Campus which is the world’s biggest corporate training center. This campus is spread over an 270 acres of land. As this beautiful place is near from the corporate city Bangalore. Travelers don’t miss the opportunity to visit this stunning place during their trip to Karnataka.